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Celebrating over 50 years of existence, SUF is one of the oldest study abroad programs in Italy. Since 1959, when the first 30 students came by ship to study in Florence, the program has grown to an average of 250 students per semester. The heart of the campus is still the lovely Villa Rossa, the former family estate of Conte Mario Gigliucci in Piazza Savonarola.

Each semester SUF offers over 100 undergraduate courses in a variety of disciplines.

Campus Facilities and Access Hours
The SUF Campus comprises five buildings all within a five-minute walking distance. Villa Rossa (Piazza Savonarola, 15) is the administrative and academic hub of the campus and connects to the Annex, Dependance, Villino, and Library through a splendid Tuscan garden. The studio arts and architecture studios are located just a short walk away in Piazzale Donatello.

Disciplines and Subject Areas
Many courses are listed across one or more subject areas or disciplines:




History of Art


Humanities, Social
Sciences & Business


Studio Arts


Italian Language

Graduate Program in Renaissance Art
A maximum of 10 graduate candidates are admitted each year to the prestigious Syracuse University Graduate Program in Renaissance Art.

Faculty & Staff
SUF boasts a highly qualified staff and a faculty of internationally renowned scholars.

Featured Events
Each semester SUF organizes a series of lectures and special events aimed at promoting a better understanding of Italian history and culture.

Field Trips
Class-related and/or all school field trips travel to different parts of Italy every weekend.

Health and Wellness
• A full-time staff member is dedicated to caring for student health and wellness.
• An in-house medical doctor is available on campus twice a week. Other private medical services are available in Florence 24/7.

• 80% of our students live in Italian homestays. Most architecture students live in apartments.
• Over 165 Florentine families work with SUF to provide students with a home away from home.

Undergraduate students may do an academic internship for 1 to 3 credits per semester.

Library and Academic Resources

• The SUF library has the largest collection of books, DVDs, and periodicals of any undergraduate program in Florence.
• The Writing Center offers one-on-one tutorials for students who need help with academic writing.

• The Villa Rossa Voice is a bi-annual newsletter written for, by, and about SUF students, faculty, and staff.
• The Villa Rossa Series: Intercultural Perspectives on Italy and Europe is a book series written by SUF faculty and professional staff.

Student Body
• During the fall/spring semesters, the student body is comprised of 280 undergraduates and 7 graduates on average.
• 30% of the student body comes from Syracuse University.

Student Life
• Intercultural Activities are offered to provide a better understanding of the Italian culture. Activities include cooking classes, wine & oil tastings, soccer games, Italian-English conversation exchange, and more.
• Community Engagment: Students can break cultural barriers by participating in a number of gratifying activities.

Sustainability at SUF
SU Florence seeks to engage students in its growing commitment to a greener and more just world. Learn more.

SUF offers comprehensive technological resources, including a computer lab in the Villa Rossa and 4 PCs in the architecture studios. Wireless hotspots are located throughout the campus.

Tuition, Fees & How to Apply
Information about tuition & fees is available on the SU Abroad website. Interested students may apply directly to the SU Abroad home office.

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