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Assistant Director for Student Life, Syracuse University in Florence

Position Description

Syracuse University in Florence (SUF) is committed to providing a top quality study abroad program to a diverse student body, from first-year to graduate students. Nearly all our courses are open to students from other U.S. colleges and universities, and every semester nearly half our student body comprises students from schools other than Syracuse University. While many come to study with at SUF because they have a special interest in art history and Renaissance studies, others are majoring in such disciplines as business, women’s studies or nutrition. Although all our students are required to take Italian, our program is not devoted solely to Italian Culture and Language but also the larger social, historical and political situation of Europe today. Various nationalities are also represented among our faculty. The majority of our students are also required to live in homestays, and in fact SUF prides itself for how deeply the program has become embedded within the fabric of Florence.

The Assistant Director for Student Life (ADSL) is a full time employee who reports to the SUF Director and regularly informs her and collaborates with her on all Student Life related issues (from emergencies to new activities). She/he oversees all Student Life related issues including Housing. For this reason, he/she collaborates closely with:

-          The Academic office

-          The Assistant Director for Health and Wellness

-          The Risk Management office

-          The Volunteer Program Coordinator

to coordinate and attend to the life of students outside the classroom and assist them with all non-academic-related matters, particularly housing and extra-curricular activities. The ADSL is very approachable and strives to make students feel welcome and supported at all times. The ADSL also supervises the work of the Housing Assistant and the Student Life Advisor, serves as a member of the emergency team, is on call with the emergency phone on a rotating basis and as a backup, and oversees Orientation Week. The candidate for this position is self-motivated and passionate about student welfare with a propensity to brainstorm creative solutions and successfully motivate others to do the same. This position is not compatible with additional appointments at other institutions.

Responsibilities include the following items:

Student Life, with the assistance of the Student Life Advisor (who reports to the ADSL):

  • Planning and overseeing all extra-curricular student activities and events
  • Regularly assessing the state of the SUF student body through data collection, surveys and anecdotal information in order to brainstorm and plan ways to improve, adjust and update our program
  • Supervising how students are welcomed and served at the front desk and in the Student Life Office
  • Collecting data and submitting quarterly crime reports to the home campus
  • Following disciplinary cases
  • Overseeing all non-academic communication with students
  • Overseeing use of social media
  • Overseeing all student-related events (Student Awards, “Festa Finale”, etc.)
  • Organizing student led forums and group discussions in collaboration with the Academic Office
  • Serving as a member of the Emergency Team, including being on call with the emergency phone on rotation and as the general backup
  • Working with software that maintains student records, such as Terradotta
  • Sending required reports to the Italian Ministry of Education
  • Formally representing SUF at public functions

Housing, with the assistance of the Assistant for Housing and Events (who reports to the ADSL)

  • Supervising homestay placements
  • Liaising between students and host families and strategizing and implementing creative solutions to any issues that may emerge
  • Locating new homestay and independent apartments when necessary
  • Visiting homestays and apartments to respond to any problems or to assess compatibility of environment with program needs
  • Keeping Director regularly updated on all relevant housing related issues
  • Responding to parents’ concerns about student housing
  • Administering student evaluations

Orientation, with assistance of SLA and Housing and Events Assistant

  • Planning and overseeing all Orientation events and activities
  • Producing Orientation booklet
  • Reserving various outside services
  • Coordinating student workers and staff assistants
  • Distributing money and handling all expenses


  • EU citizenship or a permit to legally work in Italy
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Experience living, working, or studying abroad for a minimum of one year
  • Knowledge of study abroad programs, international education and the U.S. academic system
  • Demonstrated interest in student welfare, comfort with change, and enthusiasm for taking initiative and creative problem solving
  • Strong work ethic
  • Outstanding soft skills
  • Strong computing skills
  • Excellent oral and written Italian and English language skills
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Flexibility to adapt to high-pressure peaks in workload

Start Date: tentatively mid-April

CCNL (National Contract of Professional Category): ANINSEI

Interested candidates are invited to apply here.

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