Writing Center

The Writing Center

At Syracuse University in Florence we believe in the importance of good, clear writing and we aim to give students the best possible grounding in the written essay. The Writing Center, an SUF facility available to all, is firmly committed to this cause.

The Writing Center is run by Baret Magarian, who holds two degrees in English Literature and is a published journalist and writer. Whatever you are studying, you will at some point need to write a fluent academic essay and Dr. Magarian is here to help with any problems you may encounter along the way.

Dr. Magarian will be available to assist you in drafting, re-writing and improving your essays. In individual meetings, he will go over your written work, help clarify what it is you are trying to express, improve phraseology, grammar, syntax, style and ensure that brevity and clarity are suitably utilized.

We hope you will make full use of the Writing Center and take advantage of this opportunity to really hone and develop your writing skills. Whatever the topic, writing well and convincingly will add significantly to your life and to your employability.

To set up an appointment, please contact: Dr. Baret Magarian, bmagaria@syr.edu

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