Completing an Internship

To successfully complete an internship, all forms, assignments and progress reports must be handed in by the assigned deadlines.

SUF has strict policies regarding internship withdrawals. The following deadlines must be adhered to:

  • Drop deadline (no record on transcripts): see Academic deadline to drop SUF courses on Program Calendar.
  • Withdrawal deadline (WD on transcripts): see Academic deadline to withdraw from SUF courses on Program Calendar.
    (In the case of particularly poor performance, students may be required to withdraw from an internship).
  • Failure to complete an internship: Students who have not followed the appropriate procedures to withdraw from an internship (see below) and have not completed all assignments by the end of the semester will receive an “F” on their transcripts.

To Drop or Withdraw from an Internship: Any student who drops or withdraws from an internship must notify his or her faculty supervisor and file a “drop” form with the SU Florence Registrar (rm. 21) immediately. Failure to do so will result in an “F” on the student’s transcripts.

Host Organizations


Internship Application


Internship Proposal Agreement


Student Letter of Agreement