Florence English-Speaking Theatrical Artists (F.E.S.T.A)
F.E.S.T.A. is a bilingual and multicultural group of theatre professionals and interdisciplinary artists in Florence, dedicated to creating a new bi-cultural theatre model in our adopted home of Italy. Founded in 2007, F.E.S.T.A. has been presenting English language and bilingual theatre as well as an ongoing program of educational outreach through theatre to the city of Florence, its tourists, residents, families and children. The group is committed to working with American and Italian colleagues, in both languages, drawing on the traditions of American culture and joining them with the exceptionally rich cultural tapestry that is Italy.
Language requisites: None. 

Florence International Theater Company
The Florence International Theater Company (FITC) is an international, English speaking theatre company in Florence that seeks to create a renaissance of  theatrical tradition in Florence while reflecting the city’s international status. FITC develops an approach to performance that brings together the techniques of American and Italian Theatre, creating works of art primarily in English and sharing these with the Tuscan community. Internships are available in the following areas: 
1) Stage Management: The intern assists the stage manager in every aspect of his/her work, attending performances and rehearsals. Ideal for Drama students.
2) Theatre Management: The intern is involved in the technical management of the theatre, such as managing the box office, supervising volunteers, and handling ticket sales. Recommended for Management or Drama students.
3) Scenes and Costume making: The intern assists set designers and costume makers with designing, planning and making scenes and costumes. Recommended for Visual Arts students.
Language requisites: None.