History of Art

Ars et Fides (Florentine Churches) - Spring Only
Ars et Fides is a volunteer organization which offers free guided tours of some of  the most important Florentine churches. The aim is to provide tourists with a deeper understanding of the religious and conceptual background of the church’s history in addition to its artistic and architectural importance. The intern may give tours of Santa Maria del Fiore (Duomo), Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella or San Lorenzo. He/she must be available to work on a regular basis from 10:30-12:00 a.m. or 3:00-5:00 p.m. twice a week. All information necessary to conduct the tours in English is provided by the organization.
Language requisites: None.

Biblioteca degli Uffizi
The Biblioteca degli Uffizi is a prestigious research library that focuses on works of art exhibited in state museums in Florence, including the adjacent Uffizi Gallery. The intern works on projects such as preparing auction-house catalogues and verifying data in the library's on-line catalogue. Good organizational skills and some background in art history are required.
Language requisites: None

Centro di Restauro
The Centro di Restauro is the restoration laboratory for Florence’s renowned archeological museum, which hosts one of the most important collections of Etruscan art in Europe. The intern classifies and catalogues pieces for the museum's collection. Recommended for students of classical studies and art history. The laboratory is located outside of the downtown area. Interested students should allow approx. 40 minutes for travel time each way.
Language requisites: Intermediate Italian.

Frittelli Art Gallery
The Frittelli Art Gallery is one of the most important galleries of contemporary art in Florence. The gallery has recently been renovated to include more space for solo exhibitions, new rooms for private collections and a multimedia auditorium for conferences. Interns may assist the gallery owners with setting up exhibits, promoting the gallery to the general public, and managing correspondence between gallery owners and artists who have participated in past exhibitions. Recommended for students of studio art and art history.
Language requisites: Beginner to Intermediate Italian

Galleria Romanelli
Galleria Romanelli is a gallery-cum-museum founded by the great 19th-century sculptor Lorenzo Bartolini and located in the heart of Florence. The gallery hosts a collection of sculptures by five generations of the Romanelli family--renowned Florentine artists. Interns will assist the family in the daily operations of the gallery, thus learning about gallery management in general and about the Romanelli Gallery's artistic heritage in particular.

Museo Bellini
The private collection of antiques purchased over centuries by the historic Florentine Bellini family is now on display in the family palace. Interns have the unique opportunity of working among paintings, sculptures and other collectibles that span the 14th to the 18th centuries. Work includes cataloguing and filing old photographs of works of art and/or organizing and preparing small group visits to the collection. Recommended for students of art history.
Language Requisite: Italian is not required. Knowledge of another foreign language is helpful.

Villa I Tatti: The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies
Villa I Tatti is one of the most prestigious Renaissance art history libraries in the world and houses the private art collection of its former owner Bernard Berenson. The intern works in the slide/photo library helping to organize and update the library’s extensive collection and is exposed to one of the city's most important centers of international culture. Precision and good organizational skills are required. 

Language requisites: None.

Museo dei Ragazzi
The Associazione Museo dei Ragazzi offers guided tours of the secret passages and optical illusion rooms of Palazzo Vecchio to tourists and visitors. In the early part of the internship the intern receives training to give the tours and then in the second phase conducts the tours. The intern must be able to dedicate at least 10 hours a week, therefore the internship is only available for a minimum of 2 credits (90 hours for the semester). Recommended for students of history and art history.
Language requisites: None.