Marketing and Entrepreneurship


Flod is a marketing company and the sister company of the long-running English newspaper, The Florentine. Flod provides a range of services from traditional graphics and web to social media marketing, running crowdfunding campaigns, and complex product launches. The company is composed of 4 Italian men and one Canadian woman. We specialize in international and bilingual services and campaigns for the cultural sector. No Italian knowledge is necessary but strong writing skills are required.



Infinity is a family-run leather firm that specializes in the production of handbags, belts, leather garments and jewelry. The marketing internship consists of developing strategies for consolidating and expanding the firm’s English-speaking clientele in and around Florence. The intern must be outgoing, independent and self-motivated.

Language requisites: None.


Italy and Wine

Italy and Wine is a tour operator in Tuscany. The company organizes cultural tours and wine tastings in the Chianti area with visits to some of the most innovative and successful wine producers in the industry. The intern will help organize cultural events related particularly to gastronomic experiences and wine tastings.

Italian requirements: None.



MakeTank is a multi-vendor marketplace where people who combine design and artisanship with digital fabrication and open hardware techniques can list and sell their work. A complimentary blog is used to explore the related world of product design and technological innovation, reinforced by social media.

Makers, designers, artisans and creatives use MakeTank to list and sell hundreds of products. These are appreciated by clients who want original pieces that have stories behind them, be it for their home or office, as a gift or to enhance their look. These clients understand that they are also supporting independent designers and makers.

If you love contemporary design and shopping online, MakeTank is the right place to find items with a story, that can be customized, and are made to order by our hand-picked group of Makers and artisans, who you’ll be helping support.

MakeTank is registered as an “innovative startup” at the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, Italy, and is a registered trademark in Italy, the EU and the USA.

The intern will assist the owner and will be involved in various aspects of the business such as target market research, social media marketing, event organization

Language requirements: None.



Marakita is a brand created in 2009 by the young designer Benedetta Maracchi. Benedetta creates her own accessories (handbags, leggings, scarves, cushions, and more) out of vintage fabrics and completely eco-friendly materials. Interns will assist Benedetta in running her store (located within walking distance of Piazza Savonarola) and with managing social media pages.

Language requirements: None. 


Sinbad Ocarina

Sinbad Ocarina is a recent startup in the segment that combines music to fairy tales to educational contents, with the idea of rediscovering the natural way of listening experience by children and parents.

Ocarina was born from the idea of a father who, before facing a long journey to a exotic country with his partner and three wonderful children, wanted to bring fairy tales and songs to listen all together.

So the story of Ocarina begins, a music player designed for free use by children, intuitive, easy to carry, to be used without headphones and highly resistant.

Many people consider Ocarina to be the contemporary version of the old dear portable record player.

The intern will be involved in various aspects of the business and will assist the owner in activities such as international market research, development of new market-entry strategies, business planning.

Language requirements: None.


Smart Trip

Smart Trip is a travel company based in Florence that offers enjoyable alternative-style trips and excursions to students who want to make the most of their European experience. The company runs excursions not only within Italy to best appreciate the country's beautiful landscapes and fascinating cities, but to many international destinations as well. The company seeks to offer the best quality at the best price. The intern will be involved in various aspects of the business such as target market research, social media marketing, organizing trip details, assisting with tour promotion and some clerical duties.

Italian is not required.

Language requirements: None.

Weddings International

Weddings International is one of the oldest wedding planners established in Florence. The Company offers to International clients high quality wedding services that cover every aspect of the experience; interns will assist the owner, Stefania, in marketing research and social media marketing activities

Language requirements: None.



We Like Tuscany is a tour operator specialized in the organization outdoor activities in Tuscany, in the region around Florence. Since 1993, it has been liberating travelers from the routine of the city. We Like Tuscany invites customers to change pace and scenery, feel a cool breeze, breathe some fresh air and see the real Tuscany. They create itineraries and relationships that have withstood the test of time and make tours a "personal" experience for their guests. The intern will be involved in various aspects of the business such as target market research, social media marketing, organizing trip details, assisting with tour promotion.

Language requirements: None.