Studio Arts-Art Galleries

Frittelli Art Gallery
The Frittelli Art Gallery is one of the most important galleries of contemporary art in Florence. The gallery has recently been renovated to include more space for solo exhibitions, new rooms for private collections and a multimedia auditorium for conferences. Interns may assist the gallery owners with setting up exhibits, promoting the gallery among the general public, and managing correspondence between the gallery owners and artists who have participated in past exhibitions. Recommended for Studio Arts and Art History majors.
Language requisites: Beginner to Intermediate Italian.

Galleria Romanelli
Galleria Romanelli is a gallery-cum-museum founded by the great 19th-century sculptor Lorenzo Bartolini and located in the heart of Florence. The gallery hosts a collection of sculptures by five generations of the Romanelli family--renowned Florentine artists. Interns will assist the family in the daily operations of the gallery, thus learning about gallery management in general and about the Romanelli Gallery's artistic heritage in particular.