Il Centro per Stranieri: Intensive Language Program

The Intensive Language Program at the University of Florence (UF)  is a ten-week language and culture program for students who are proficient in Italian. If you are an Italian major or minor, or you would like to immerse yourself in intensive Italian language and cultural studies while in Florence, this is the program for you. It is offered through the Centro di Cultura per Stranieri, a special department of the Università di Firenze that hosts students from around the globe.  At the Centro you will have the opportunity to interact with international cultures in an Italian academic environment.  Classes are taught entirely in Italian by professors of the University of Florence who may not know the student's native language. Italian is the one language common to all Centro faculty and students.


The Intensive Language Program is open to all students who have completed two years of college-level Italian (4 semesters) or the equivalent. The fall courses begin in October and end in December; the spring courses begin in January and end in mid-March. In summer, classes are scheduled from the second week of June to the end of July. Applications should include a writing sample in Italian and a letter of recommendation from an Italian language instructor.

Courses and Credits

Intensive language students are placed in one of three 6-credit classes at the Centro:

ITA 380.1 -  Intermediate High
ITA 380.2  -  Adavanced I
ITA 380.3 -   Advanced II

An additional credit can be earned by attending a lecture series in Italian literature, history and art history.

Intensive language students will take a one-credit review course in Italian language and culture at the SU Florence Center before the beginning of classes at the Centro on October 1, and a conversation course after its ending in mid-March in Spring:
ITA 300.1-Advanced Practicum I (fall semester)
ITA 300.2-Advanced Practicum II (spring semester)

Students complete their required courseload (12-19 credits per semester) by taking two or three courses taught in Italian or English at the SU Florence Center. Students may also enrol in courses at the University of Florence under SU Florence's Direct Placement Program.

Semester Schedules

The Intensive Language Program is offered four times during the academic year. In the fall semester, there is no mid-term break.  

Fall term: October 1- December 15, 2014
Spring term: - January 7- March 15  &  March 24- June 5, 2015
Summer term: June 11- July 29, 2015

During the spring term, the program is offered twice: the first session starts in early January and ends in mid-March, followed by a 1-credit conversation class at the SU Florence Center. The second session begins on March 24.

Beyond the Classroom

Cultural activities, lectures and site-visits are organized for the Intensive Language Program students to explore contemporary Italian culture from various perspectives.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted to SUAbroad and include a writing sample in Italian and a letter of recommendation from an Italian instructor.

Contact Us

For information about applying, please contact SU Abroad Admission Counselor for the Florence Program Gael Noyes.

All applications must be approved by SU Florence Advanced Language Program Coordinator Antonella Francini.



What Students Say


“My experience at the Centro was one that I will never forget – my professor and classmates are some of the nicest people that I have ever met….throughout the semester I have made tremendous strikes in language abilities” (Syracuse University, Fall 2013)

“I liked having class with students from around the world. It made the program an interesting cultural experience and it helped with my Italian speaking since Italian was the common language” (USC, spring 2013)

“The best part of participating in this program is gaining a profound knowledge and understanding of the spoken language” (Syracuse U. Spring 2013)

“I would recommend the Centro to any student who wants to get full experience of studying abroad!” (Skidmore College, (Spring 2013)

“My language class at the Centro helped me to improve my Italian immensely. I also really enjoyed the cultural activities SUF kids in the Advanced Language program did together – the cooking class, the wine tasting, etc. We all bonded a lot and it was one of the best parts of my experience in Florence” (Gettysburg College)