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Peter Fischer

Ph.D. in History and Civilization, European University Institute; Florence, Italy


‘Magister Artium’ in Philosophy, Sociology and Art History from the RWTH Aachen University in Germany.

Peter Fischer is the newly appointed Consultant for the Development of Sustainable Projects at SUF. He has extensive professional experience with sustainability education, having developed and managed several programs, initiatives and courses at American universities in Florence, Bologna, and Perugia.

His major research interests are in the areas of sustainability in higher education, Mediterranean food history, and modern Italian politics and history. He is currently writing a textbook on “Food and Culture in the Mediterranean World” for use in sustainability curricula. His earlier published works include ‘Atomenergie und staatliches Interesse: Die Anfänge der Atompolitik in der Bundes-republik Deutschland 1949-1955‘, Baden-Baden: Nomos 1994; The Origins of the Federal Republic of Germany´s Space Policy 1959-1965 - European and National Dimensions’, Report ESA HSR-4 (Noordwijk: ESA, January 1994);  ‘West German Rearmament and the Nuclear Challenge’, in: Francis F. Heller, John Gillingham (ed), NATO: The Founding of the Atlantic Alliance and the Integration of Europe, New York: St. Martin’s Press 1991; in addition to numerous articles on Italian Food Culture.

Preferred quote: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” (Albert Einstein)