Photo Image of Carlotta Fonzi

Carlotta Fonzi Kliemann

M.A. in History of Drama, Universita' di Bologna; Bologna, Italy


Carlotta Fonzi Kliemann has published several essays in criticism (among them, “L’amore inconfessabile: l’incesto nel cinema”. Parte prima”  Psicologia Contemporanea 31. 190 e Parte seconda 31. 191 (2005); “Years of the Bullet on Screen. The Representation of Leftist Terrorism in Italian Films 1980–1996.” Italian History & Culture 4 (1998): 93–111) and numerous articles on Italian cinema, international political cinema, and women’s films. She’s also the co-author of the book Abbasso i bulli, (Ponte alle Grazie, 2012. She’s been part of the jury for documentary films in competition at SguardiAltrove Film Festival (Milan, 2009) and for the feature films at the Balkan Florence Express (Florence, 2012) and participated in round tables on film in Turin, Florence, Milan, and Rome. She’s been a regular collaborator to the Mediateca Regionale Toscana for many years and since 2008 is vice-president of the Associazione Chicca Richelmy which promotes audio-visual culture and awards a prize at the Torino Film Festival.