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Diane Kunzelman

M.A., Syracuse University; Syracuse, NY.


Diane Kunzelman is a professional easel painting conservator who has worked since 1977 in the field of restoration mainly within the state institutions of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Property at the Opificio delle Pietre Dure Laboratory in Florence. Kunzelman received her Masters of Fine Arts degree from the Syracuse University Graduate Program in Renaissance Art in 1970. Her graduate work was followed by an internship as a Fulbright Fellow in the Florence conservation facilities. Her work has involved the restoration of numerous paintings on panel and canvas including works from the major museums and churches in and around Florence by artists such as Bronzino, Fra’ Bartolomeo and Pontormo. Her special interests involve research into innovative methods of technical and scientific investigation for the treatment and documentation of the artworks entrusted to her care, and she has been responsible for overseeing conservation requirements for works of art exhibited in Italy and around the world.

Kunzelman is the author of numerous conference presentations, lectures and publications. Her work has appeared in scientific journals such as Studies in Conservation and the Journal of the American Society for Conservation, as well as in the catalogues of many major exhibitions held in Florence and elsewhere.

Since 1988 Kunzelman has been teaching graduate courses on the History of Conservation for the Syracuse University Masters of Fine Arts Florence program and undergraduate courses on Renaissance Painting Techniques also at Syracuse University in Florence. Since 2002 she has been teaching easel painting conservation and the history of painting techniques at theOpificio delle Pietre Dure School of Specialization.