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Roberto Pacciani

Ph.D., Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Florence


After completing his graduate degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Florence, Roberto Pacciani received his Ph.D. from the University of Bari in 1997. After his doctoral degree, he started working at the Research and Development Department of GE Oil & Gas (formerly Nuovo Pignone) as a turbine and compressor aero-design specialist. Since 1999, he has been a member of the faculty of mechanical engineering at the University of Florence. He is presently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering. At the School of Engineering of the University of Florence he teaches courses in Fluid Dynamics and Turbomachinery. His research involves the development of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methodologies with a special focus on turbomachinery design and analysis. He has contributed to the development of CFD codes which are currently used by several industries and research centers. Dr. Pacciani currently teaches a course in Thermodynamics at Syracuse University in Florence (spring semester only).