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Loredana Tarini

Laurea in Foreign Languages and Literature, Universita' di Pisa; Pisa, Italy



Loredana Tarini has been coordinator of the Italian Language & Culture Department at Syracuse University in Florence since 1994 where she also teaches courses in Italian language and culture.

She has been the recipient of the National Certification in the Methodology of Teaching English as a Second Language and has been Visiting Professor at Syracuse University, New York.

In addition to a career in teaching and department administration, Tarini has co-authored several language and culture books, such as: Dimmi!, an Italian language textbook for beginners (Guerra Edizioni, 1999); Nuovo Dimmi…, an Italian language textbook for A1/A2 level language students (Guerra Edizioni, 2008); Praticamente Dimmi, a workbook with grammar notes for beginners for the acquisition of Italian language skills through functional and communicative activities (Guerra Edizioni, 2009); and Praticamente Dimmi: Grammar Notes and Glossary (Guerra Edizioni, 2009).

Tarini's research interests include cross-cultural studies as well as the integration and incorporation of Italian life and culture into the process of language acquisition.