Universita' di Firenze

Direct Placement in Italian

SUF’s University of Florence program is the right choice for students who want to take classes entirely in Italian at the Universita’ degli Studi di Firenze. This program officially began in 1991 when a cultural agreement was signed with the University of Florence allowing SUF students to enroll in a wide variety of courses in the Schools of Humanities (Facolta’ di Lettere e filosofia) and Political Science (Facolta’ di Scienza Politiche). 

Admission Requirements
You must have studied at least four semesters or the equivalent of Italian and have a good command of the language. Qualified students will be admitted based on academic record, recommendation by a current Italian instructor, an essay and an interview in Italian upon arrival in Florence. Please refer to SU Abroad’s Admissions Policy for information.

Course Information
Students who choose to study at the University of Florence may enroll in up to three corsi singoli in selected departments. The program coordinator, Prof. Antonella Francini, will meet with you individually to advise on course selections. Afterwards you will be assigned an academic Italian tutor--a selected scholar who will guide you through the semester, helping you prepare for class and final exams. Courses typically end with a final oral exam.

Most courses are worth 5 academic credits (including classroom contact hours and 25 hours with the academic tutor). You may choose to combine University of Florence courses with courses offered at the SU Florence Center and/or at the Centro di Cultura per Stanieri.

Direct Placement in English

Since 2011 the cultural agreement with the University of Florence has been extended to the Schools of Political Science and Economics where SUF students can attend University of Florence courses taught in English.

Taking classes with Italian students and experiencing a completely different academic environment allows students to engage completely in the Italian community and culture.

For more information about the Direct Placement Program, please contact:
Prof. Antonella Francini
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Faculty Associate and Italian University Program Coordinator

Tuition & Fees

How to Apply

Photo Gallery Fall 2013


Italian and American university students enrolled in Prof. Giovanni Scotto's International Conflict Transformation class.

What Students Say

"This program was a necessary challenge because I was able to expand my boundaries. I have changed and matured living on my own in Italy, away from the inevitable American college routine."

- Regina Lombardo, Trinity College