Application & Examinations

Candidates for this program typically have pursued undergraduate studies in cultural history with an emphasis on the visual arts and have a working knowledge of the Italian language. Students accepted to the program who have not had the opportunity to study Italian are expected to complete an intensive language program, such as the Italian School offered each summer by Middlebury College, prior to their first semester of graduate study. They may apply through the regular admissions process of the College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Art & Music Histories. Applicants are screened and ranked by the Graduate Committee of the Department of Art & Music Histories.

The application deadline is January 1.

In the summer prior to their first semester, students complete an online examination to determine their proficiency in Italian. Upon arrival in Syracuse they are given an oral examination in Italian. If necessary, students are then placed in classes to reach fluency sufficient to conduct scholarly work in Italy. Completion of the program in Florence certifies students as having met the foreign language requirement for the M.A. degree in art history. Prior to beginning classes in the first semester, students also take an art history qualifying test. The exam, which is required of all art history graduate students, includes sixty image identifications of major works of art and forty short definitions of art-historical vocabulary. Students who do not pass the test have the opportunity to take it again at the end of October. Students who do not satisfy these requirements by the end of the first semester may not continue in the program.