Health & Wellness

Your health and wellness are essential to a successful study abroad experience. Syracuse University in Florence provides information and services through full-time staff member Amy Kleine, who is available to help students with the personal, social, and cultural concerns they may have during their time here in Italy, and Dr. Agnese Linari, consulting physician to Syracuse University in Florence.

Who's Who in Health and Wellness

amykleineAmy Kleine

Assistant Director for Student Health and Wellness
Villa Rossa, room 33

Amy Kleine is here to help you with your physical health, psychological health, and safety needs.

"SUF takes students’ physical and mental health needs, and their safety concerns seriously. My job at SUF is to make sure that students have access to the best possible health professionals in the Florence area, and to encourage all students to engage in safe behavior. As with our mission, I put academic achievement and cultural involvement as top priorities, but realize that students can only participate in all that we have to offer when they are physically and mentally well... and safe!”




Medical Services

Medical Services

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