N1H1 Influenza Information

1. Prevention
Health officials unanimously agree that the best preventive measure is to maintain good basic hygiene, which includes:
- washing hands frequently with soap and water or with an antibacterial gel. In Italy, you may purchase this gel at the pharmacy (name: Amuchina gel igienizzanti mani)
- cover nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing, preferably into the inside of elbow, rather than the hand
- dispose of tissues immediately after use
- in crowded places (particularly the public bus), use antibacterial gel after touching hard surfaces
- faculty and staff: please air out classrooms and offices periodically by opening the windows

The use of face masks is not considered an actual preventive measure, and is therefore not recommended.

2. Symptoms
Symptoms may include: high fever, runny nose, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, sore throat, vomiting. If you experience these symptoms, DO NOT come to school and wait to see the SUF doctor, but rather contact the Tourist Medical Service, or for staff and faculty, your family doctor, and follow their advice for treatment. Please stay at home for the full duration of the illness (it usually takes seven days). It is the physician’s responsibility (not the patient’s) to report any cases of H1N1 to ASL (the public health office). If you have contracted the H1N1 flu, please let SUF know (we do not need to know if members of your family get the flu). Amy Kleine is the contact person.

3. Preventive Measures by SUF
SUF will be installing within the next weeks antibacterial gel dispensers in various locations within the facilities.

Building maintenance staff has been advised to air out public rooms on a regular basis.

Our cleaning staff has been advised to increase the cleaning of bathrooms, taking special care in disinfecting handles and doorknobs of all doors.

In conclusion, health officials agree that it is important to stay calm, to practice the above hygienic steps and to recognize that, although at a pandemic level, this is simply a form of the flu.

For any further questions and concerns, please contact Amy Kleine, Asst. Director for Student Health and Wellness (askleine@syr.fi.it).


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Flu.gov (US government website)


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