Student Life

Intercultural Activities

SU Florence organizes a variety of intercurricular activities each semester to help students gain a greater understanding of Italian life, language, and culture, AND so you can get to know your fellow classmates better.

A complete schedule of activities is available in the Student Life Office at the beginning of each semester as well as on the Events Calendar on the SUF homepage. A weekly calendar is also sent via email every Friday with a list of upcoming events and activities.

Food & Culture

Conversation Exchanges


Final Festa, theater, and art & architecture exhibits

Acting Workshop


Volunteer Program (Suspended for one semester for re-evaluation)

*Please note there are participation fees for some activities offered and they are due at the time you sign-up.

If you are interested in pursuing other activities not listed above, please stop by the Student Life Office or visit the Helpful Links page.  In past semesters, students have participated in activities such as:

  • Hiking and Biking around Florence and Tuscany
  • Carnevale (Spring Semester only)
  • Corri La Vita Walkathon/Marathon (Fall Semester only)
  • Dragon Boat Racing (Fall Semester only)
  • Sports in Florence
  • La Fiorentina soccer games

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