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ISIC: International Student Identification Card

Preparing to Go

Student Information: Event Centers/Library/Travel Agency Young Florence Portal for events and activities in Florence Oblate library Le Murate Student Travel Agency

Public Transportation in Florence ATAF Florence city busses CAP regional bus Lazzi regional bus Sita regional bus

Florence Tourism and Life Florence Tourism Board Civic Florentine Museums Flo'n the Go Commune of Florency 72 hour museum pass English speaking newspaper One of our favorite blogs BeWise alcohol safety Study-Abroad blogs

Florence LGBTQ

Getting Around Italy & Tourism Italian National train service Private Italian train service Bus for airport transfer (Pisa/Florence) European bus company Travel website

Money Western Union locations

Mail & Shipping   Poste Italiana Mailboxes, etc.  What you can bring back to the US.

Music Tuscan Orchestra Instruments for rent or purchase

Travel Europe

US Government Info


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Florence for Free

SUF alums of the art history graduate program share great tips...